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Face Mask Exhibition

Brotherglen Needlecraft

Button Ladies

Here are some of the masks the Button Ladies have been making for our local General store.

Carol Sweetapple

Kick the virus away

Cindy Kenny, NT

I made this mask set for my niece & great niece.

Dakota Gordois, VIC

Extra level 10000

Dakota Gordois, VIC

Hand stitched glam mask

Louise D'Amico, VIC

I made facemasks to donate to a kindergarten in a low socio-economic suburb of Melbourne.

Maryann Hamilton, VIC

Fabric and florist wire as nose wire.

Robyn Jones

A photo of one of the many face masks for my grandchildren.

Sharon Marley, NSW

This “glitch” face mask is 5 layers, using scraps from my Glitch Quilt(by The geekybobbin)

Sharon Marley, NSW

Using the Versatile Face Mask Pattern by The Crafty Quilter.

Yvonne Chapman

Fun Patterns

Kerry Graf

Triple layer mask bottom part. Self-designed top layer.

Kerry Graf

Triple layer mask bottom part, Self-designed top part.

Creature Crafts, VIC

This is my own pattern, it has extra darts to tuck under the chin.

Anne Boundy, VIC

I have been using the @tearosehome pattern for masks and tweaked it to add in a third fabric layer.

Cheryl Cook, VIC

I have dyed the fabric both inner and outer layers.

Little Desert Quilts

We have a great range of fabrics suitable for making face masks

Molly Bear Designs, VIC

Took a while to choose a pattern that I really liked. These are a few of my favourite fabrics

Rainbow Patchwork

Rainbow Patchwork designed masks

Beth Matuschka, VIC

I collect penguins so it seemed fitting that my first face mask for myself be made with one of my penguin fabrics.

Constantine Quilts, SA

A batik fabric mask


Face masks. Go Tigers

Sentimental Stamping

The Pink Blooms mask reflects my love of flowers, both in the garden and made with paper

Tracy Moloney, VIC

Custom fitted mask. Nose wire = no glasses fogging, adjustable ribbon head straps

Sentimental Stamping

Featuring the beautiful fabric design by Austalian Artist Kirsten Katz

Crystals and More

Made by Crystals and More

Material Girls Down Under

Made by Material Girls Down Under

Diane Morrall, VIC

This the Aplat Mask. I added a plastic-coated wire, the sort you stake plants with.

Pam Knight, VIC

Made for my daughter. Stretchy Lycra head ties.

Sarah Mason, NSW

Based off the Hearing, Speech and Deaf Centre pattern

Hayley Lavers, NSW

I love fairy wren’s so had to have a fairy wren mask.

Karen Pratt, VIC

We had a ‘production line’ going to make 3 masks each for our family of four - so we have ample supplies.

Kristy Brisbane

I chose this fabric as I thought it was happy & creative - choosing to stand tall like the flamingo in the trial of this virus.

Lainie Dunlop, NSW

“We’re all in this together"

Robyn Dixon, NSW

Last year I bought this lovely fabric designed by Kathy Doughty and was wondering how to best use it. Who would have guessed face masks?

Simon Turner, VIC

With Spring just around the corner and level 4 restrictions here in Melbourne time for some colour. Simon (Dad) made the masks and Lily (Daughter) the bucket hat.

Julianne Brisbane, NSW

This is my mask that I made using black and white butterfly fabric. I love butterflies and wear a lot of black and white.

Jacquelin Too, NSW

Here’s a special face mask order we received from a lady who loves frogs. We Didn’t have any frog material so we made this mask out of a tea towel that had frogs on it. :) she loves it.

Emma Absolom

For when you can’t afford Gucci!

Marcus Eccles-Smith

My Gothic- Steampunk Anti Covid Mask.

Tegan Wood, QLD

Bee Mask. Removed wire to increase the life of the mask everytime it is washed.

Tegan Wood, QLD

Shark Mask. Removal wire to increase the life of the mask everytime it is washed.

Bridget Fletcher

I Fussy Cut my William Morris fabric

Amanda Spinks-Cooper, VIC

I used Posca markers to draw an Elmo face on the front of my mask

Rhonda Hellessey, ACT

Plain mask is for my hubby.

Leanne Higham, VIC

Love this style and my touch is all the fish looking out for all those pesky virus bugs to eat and hopefully diminish

Anne Romeril, VIC

Face masks for all of my family

Anne Romeril, VIC

Face masks for all of my family

Rebecca Gordon, ACT

This is my first attempt to make a mask, I've been so inspired by everyone's submissions.

Jenny Buchanan, VIC

All set to go to kindergarten. Lunch in her new bag and a mask to wear.

Jodie McKenna, NSW

So boweled over by iso 2020 - bring back the cricket and quilting!

Jodie McKenna, NSW

"If Peter Alexander can do it, so can I!" A special order made for a dachshund breeder.

Logan's Patchwork Fabrics, NSW

It's a Family Affair. Pattern for shaped mask supplied by Birch Haberdashery and comes in 3 sizes.

Little MG

"Fabric and Felting colour my world"

Vicki Oats, VIC

After mum started making masks I found a slightly different pattern online and tried myself, now i've also been making them for friends

Garry and Henrika Tibbits

My daughter wanted bees for her husband and she would like ducks, chickens or geese as they keep both bees and fowl…..

Jacquelin Too, NSW

Trailing a new way of using the elastic on my brightest material mask.

Tracey Moloney, VIC

8 custom masks, 4 sizes, no fog, nose wire, adjustable head straps

Sentimental Stamping

Sebastian & I are both wearing masks!

Wendy Ford, NSW

My first attempt at making a 3 layer mask. I thought the material is bright and chirpy.

Eclectic Images

Miranda in mask

Barbara Van Leest, VIC

After making quite a few dark masks to send to family. I wanted to make a bright mask for myself.

Aster & Anne, VIC

This is my embellished face mask. I highlighted some of the flowers in the fabric with Variegated Eleganza thread.

Lyn Crump, QLD

4 layered, Beard Pocket Masks for my bearded son and his mates.

Sentimental Stamping, VIC

Combining stamping and masks.. Just for fun.

Susan Renshaw, VIC

Just a narwhal

Kerry Davidson, NSW

Another made for one of the staff where my daughter works. I saw this fabric and just had to fussy cut it, I think it looks lovely.

Kerry Davidson, NSW

One I made for one of the massage therapists where my daughter works. Who would have thought cabbages could look so good.

Kerry Davidson, NSW

These are masks I made for my granddaughter – she had asked for red and black. I used the cat fabric left over from her t-shirt quilt and spots to go with them. I love them, they are definitely my favourites.

Jessica Gerstenmayer, VIC

My mask has a personal touch by having padding on the elastic. The elastic can move around to add extra comfort behind your ears.

Fiona Bowden, VIC

My mask has a personal touch of being able to put in an extra filter on the inside.

Julie Evans, NSW

A lot of bling to block this thing

Michele Stone, QLD

Skulls mask for Hubby

Diann Marshall, VIC

Alpaca mask

Chloe Lacroix, NSW

A tent bag (for the adjustable band) & my desire to have a removal layer